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Ep 82 Remix: “Your Health or Your Secrets?” + New Published Article





The Gregory Nesmith Show podcast & live radio show is currently on Fall Break and will return this Winter. In the meantime, please enjoy this rebroadcast of the recent Episode 82. So, let’s just get this out of the way now. I know you have a secret to share. Yes...you do. We all have secrets, well at least 95 percent of us do according to researchers at the University of Iowa. And, the “I’m gonna keep this or that a secret” is happening from the White House to my house and possibly your house too. Let’s get into how keeping secrets can be the kryptonite to us Underdogs getting our superpower swagger back and keeping it. Plus, I talk more about secrets and how they affect us in my new published article on THRIVE GLOBAL called “Your Secrets or Your Health? - It’s hard to keep both.” READ IT HERE: https://bit.ly/2yw6peC. What secret will you share today… More info about The Gregory Nesmith Show, UNderdogStuff®, and Gregory at https://gregorynesmith.com.