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E106 - Can Two Different Schools Have One Brand?





I hope you enjoy this special pop-up podcast episode. UNderdogstuff recently started producing the first-ever Bridges to Wealth (B2W) podcast & article series. You can check out the B2W audio podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and online here: http://bridgestowealth.libsyn.com. B2W EPISODE 3: “Can Two Different Schools Have One Brand?” - BRIDGE BUILDERS SPOTLIGHT: Sam Palmer (12th Grader at Robeson High School) and Kieth Newman (Dean of Students at Robeson High School) stop by to share about tackling the challenge of two different schools creating one brand. CLOSING A GAP: Aliah Harris, Kayla Daniels Redden, and Sam Palmer (All 12th Graders at Robeson High School) share about their experiences as student entrepreneurs. And they share helpful tips for adults on how to be supportive to students with similar business and financial aspirations. PHILLY FOCUS: We end each episode with some fun Philly questions. VIDEO PODCAST: This episode is on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/J5Brs4_oJAY. ABOUT: Welcome to Bridges To Wealth - Closing the wealth gap in Philly and beyond through education and opportunity. Bridges To Wealth is a non-profit organization based at the University of Pennsylvania: http://www.bridgestowealth.org. Every episode of the Bridges To Wealth podcast explores the culture of entrepreneurship, financial freedom, and community. Let’s build communities of wealth together, in Philly, and beyond. Podcast Producer and Host: Gregory Nesmith (http://www.GregoryNesmith.com), Bridges To Wealth Entrepreneurship Mentor & Teacher, soon to be Wharton School alum, Founder & CEO of UNderdogstuff, member of Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship’s Incubator, and Philly native.