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E110 - All In On Philly w/ Steven Jackson and Ricardo Calderón





Steven Jackson and Ricardo Calderón, Co-Founders of ALLin Lifestyle LLC, stop by the studio (virtually) to rap about the joy and pain of making their new short film “You Are Not Alone,” how to pick the right co-founder, tips on powerful storytelling, and how we can all work together in the future. Plus, you, our guests, and I answer this question: What would be the name of the short film, book, or mixtape made about you and your life in 2020? Originally recorded on LinkedIn Live and Facebook Live on May 24, 2020. You can watch the video of this episode on this page in the “Newest Videos” section here bit.ly/UNderdogstuffMixtape. The new UNderdogstuff Mixtape Series, it’s not quite a podcast just like a mixtape isn’t quite an album. BUT! We will hit these digital streets with new content for Savers that are ready to become first-time Investors and Entrepreneurs in our communities. Every mixtape UNpacks the journey of navigating community, culture, and capital (and a 4th C, Corona too). You can get email updates about all things UNderdogstuff here bit.ly/UNderdogstuff.

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