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Episode 93 - Glass Cliffs, Black Ceilings, and Telling Your Story





Episode 93 “Glass Cliffs, Black Ceilings, and Telling Your Story” - UNAVOIDABLE NEWS: Is it really the Year of the Women? You know, kind of like 2008 was the year of black folk, the Obama’s, and a post racial America… How’s that looking now? And the one way we can all be like Michelle Obama in 2019. UN OF THE WEEK: This week the “UN” is for “Uncover!” I’ve heard of the Glass Ceiling. Well, there’s also a Glass Cliff… UNDERDOG SPOTLIGHT: Special guest Minda Harts, Founder of The Memo LLC & Public Service Professor, stops by to share about her new initiative: helping Underdogs succeed in the corporate world. We get into how women of color can break the glass ceiling and avoid the glass cliff. UNDERDOGSTUFF® - The Voice of the Underdog! Exploring how Underdogs keep our swagger in today’s society & culture. Hosted by Gregory Nesmith. More info about UNderdogStuff® and Gregory on https://gregorynesmith.com.