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SPECIAL EPISODE: How To Pivot With Your Money, Job, and Side Hustle





This week I was the guest host of the talk radio show “The Lounge” on WURD 96.1 FM Philly. It’s your source for news, pop culture, and sports from a Millennial perspective. I enjoyed being on the air in my hometown of Philly. This episode has the three interviews from the show on Jan. 3rd. ASH CASH (http://www.iamashcash.com), Personal Finance Expert & Author, talks about getting our money right in the new year and how to become a bestselling author. MINDA HARTS (http://www.mindaharts.com), The Memo LLC & NYU Public Service Professor, talks about how WOC can get a seat at the table in the workplace. ASHA DESTINY (https://www.instagram.com/ashadestiny/), Advertising Executive & Standup Comedian, talks about how she is turning her side hustle into her main hustle. Plus, she shares her 2019 unpredictable predictions. You can listen to “The Lounge” Monday-Friday 7pm-10pm EST on your radio dial, 96.1 FM, in Philly or anywhere in the world on www.WURDradio.com. Happy New Year! And I’ll end with my favorite quote: “Underdogs, can’t nooooobody do it like you do it, NOBODY!”