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SPECIAL EPISODE: Vulnerability & Resetting Your Life





It doesn’t happen often, but Tashima Jones did it. She turned me, normally the host and interviewer, into the interviewee. It’s different being on the other side. Shout out to Tashima! I enjoyed the opportunity to share about my personal journey, the topic of vulnerability, and UNderdogStuff® on the podcast “LifeClub w/ Tashima Jones.” You can subscribe to LifeClub podcast here: http://lifeclubwithtashimajones.libsyn.com. Here’s the episode’s full title and description: “Gregory Nesmith on Vulnerability & Resetting Your Life” - Vulnerability is key is leveling up in our lives. It simply means being present and unguarded in our daily existence. Speaking with Gregory Nesmith, the guy changing the philosophy of what it means to be an underdog revealed some simple yet profound truths about how to be vulnerable and the power that comes with it. We also speak about practical tips and tools on how to reset our lives. Get ready to experience change and transition on this episode of LifeClub.