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Stop Asking Yourself, “What is your WHY?”


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Stop asking others and yourself, “What is your WHY, aka life’s purpose?” Word on the street is that there is a better way. I think you’ll like it and I predict it will work. Comment below or click here to share if nada comes of this…

What!? You aren’t sure. Everybody’s doing it and you ain’t got one!? Or you got one, and you aren’t feeling it. Or you got one and embarrassed to share it. Or, or, or… The truth is that it is a daunting question. At least for me, it is.

Back to the better approach! Try asking yourself one of these two questions instead. (1) What are you obsessively curious about in our society & culture and would want to work on it? I mean, work on it a lot, like all the time! (2) What in our society & culture makes you angry? So angry you would be willing to work toward making it better. Both questions are often easier to answer and still bring profound ideas.


“People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.” Dalai Lama


Here’s my work in progress answer... I’m curious about how we unlearn and learn our way to collectively rediscovering our special stuff. It still feels awkward to share it and opening myself up to your reactions. I bet some of you can relate to that feeling. Welp, it’s out in the open now. And it is my personal and professional curiosity all in one. What are you mad about? Or what are you curious about? Comment below or click here to share. Let’s work together on PURPOSE!

Let’s get it!


Written by Gregory Nesmith, CPC, ELI-MP. Social Entrepreneur. Impact Investor. Underdog Advocate.

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