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UNpacking The Startup Journey.


Hello and thank you for being part of the UNderdogstuff collective. Let's keep going on this journey together!



“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late.” Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn


Ready or not, let’s go! Pitch deck loading... Last week I submitted an application for UNderdogstuff to the Venture Lab at Wharton “Venture Initiation Program-Xcelerate (VIP-X)” for startups.

The application required a pitch deck, filling out a VIP-X questionnaire, and a two-minute video. This was the video. And here are a few of the slides from . Let me know if you want to see the entire presentation.


I guess my pitch wasn’t too early or too late. I found out last Friday night that I’ve made it to the interview review round taking place this week!

VIP-X provides participants: one-on-one advising, seed funding, advanced entrepreneurship workshops, and individualized attention to get participants ready to launch their venture. Fingers crossed I have more good news to share with you later this month.

The journey continues!


Written by Gregory Nesmith, entrepreneur, Wharton School alum, Philly native, and into all things UNderdogstuff.

UNderdogstuff is a social impact venture that helps Savers become first-time Investors in the big city they know best. Additionally, UNderdogstuff was accepted into the Venture Lab at Wharton VIP-C incubator for startups.

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