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Who wants to be a Wharton VIP Fellow at UNderdogstuff!?


Thank you for being part of the UNderdogstuff® community and working together at investing in our wellbeing and wealth. Let's explore the journey of entrepreneurship, financial freedom, and finding our way back home.


It's starting to feel real, focused, and purposeful. This week, for the first time, UNderdogstuff posted an open Wharton VIP Fellow position (aka Internship) for interested University of Pennsylvania students.

Side note. It was, at first, challenging to write the VIP Fellow posting. Did I know enough yet about the startup? Is it too early for this step? What if nobody wants to play? Well, I didn't let that stop me. Now it is written and posted. The journey continues, things are evolving, and we are ready to spread our wings and fly higher.

Please check out this link (scroll to near the bottom) if you are an interested Penn student or please share it with a Penn student you believe would be interested. Plus, in the link, you'll see some other cool startups looking for VIP Fellows.


Not a Penn student, not a problem. Please reach out to me no matter your age if working with the UNderdogstuff Capital to you. Let's go on this journey together!


UNderdogstuff Capital is the investment community for savers that are ready to become investors. Underdog Investors get access to financial literacy content and access to crowdfunded real estate investment opportunities. Together we have new conversations about wealth and take further actions to create it. UNderdogstuff Capital is a social impact venture that disrupts old ways of thinking about who talks about money and who gets access to high return investments. Let's build a membership community that invests together in our wellbeing and wealth!

The journey continues!


Written by Gregory Nesmith, CPC, ELI-MP. Entrepreneur. Teacher. Investor.


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