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Mission: UNderdogstuff is a social impact venture accelerating wealth-building opportunities for local underdogs, activists, and artists by creating access to real estate investing that is community-centric, affordable, and supportive.

UNderdogstuff’s Capital Collective investment group helps community members pool their money together to buy and renovate vacant properties in the neighborhoods they know best. The journey starts in Philly. You can get email updates about the future of UNderdogstuff here: Subscribe.

Founder: Gregory Nesmith, entrepreneur, investor, marketing director, and into all things UNderdogstuff. Additionally, Gregory and UNderdogstuff are members of the Venture Lab at Wharton accelerator program VIP-X Fall 2020 Cohort.

Higher Purpose: Underdogs collectively investing in our wellbeing and wealth.

Values: Building a culture that values the F.A.C.T.S.   F - Financial Freedom. A - Accessible Capital. C - Community Collaboration. T - Trusted Teams. S - Sustained Support.

Vision: We are a growing global community of underdogs, activists, and artists that are working together, becoming healthier together, and making money together. UNderdogstuff’s Capital Collective membership group will expand to include creating: community investment funds, self-sustaining residential communities, bartering exchanges, grassroots digital media networks, third party political action committees, and more. Together we will create a culture of community collaboration and build that culture with community capital. Culture X Capital

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